Welcome new and returning MSA members!

Reminder: All 2022-2023 USFSA/LTS and MSA Memberships expired on June 30, 2023

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2023-2024 USFSA/LTS and MSA memberships are valid through June 30, 2024

Full Membership

For All returning MSA members   

$275 Includes: 

(required for USFS sanctioned events, like testing, competing, etc)

Bridge Membership

For skaters in their first year out of 

Learn to Skate

 $225 Includes: 

(required for USFS sanctioned events, like testing, competing, etc)

Associate Membership

For Members of other skating Clubs who are registered in MSA Programming

$110 Includes: 

MSA is a community skating program and is not affiliated with Miami University.  Collegiate skaters who are enrolled at Miami University and need club membership should go the Goggin Ice Center Website or contact David Goodman

Registration Instructions:

Step 1: Print, sign, and SCAN all documents

You will submit these documents digitally during the online registration.

If you do not have access to a flat top scanner, you can use the scanner built into iPhone's camera app or add Microsoft Lens to an Android device.

If your home club is NOT MSA for the 2023-24 season (& you are applying for an MSA Associate Membership) you will also need to complete the Member in Good Standing Form linked in the button below.

Step 2: Complete this Registration Form

The online form supports credit card, ACH, & check/cash payment options

All registrations completed through TeamSnap include the opportunity to pay for OPTIONAL registration insurance through RegSaver.  This service is not part of MSA.  We encourage you to read about the service before completing your MSA registration.

If you have questions about account payment status, contact Mandy Long 

Note: The only form that does not require a signature is the ODH Form below.  MSA is providing this form to you digitally here as required by the state of Ohio.

Thank you for your participation!  Go MSA!

Questions about membership registration?  Contact